Arena Freestyle Breather

Freestyle (also known as front crawl), is usually regarded as the fastest and most efficient of the four primary swim strokes, perhaps the reason for its popularity. It is often the first stroke to be taught to beginners, but this does not mean that it is without its challenges, namely the grasp of a good breathing technique. Freestyle is accomplished with the head facing down into the water, with air being taken in laterally, and in harmony with the arm stroke. You just need to look at people trying to swim freestyle for the first time to realize that this is not an easy call! Many recreational swimmers don’t realize that some of the issues they face with their stroke technique is actually the consequence of their breathing. As a matter of fact, a poor breathing technique can lead to a bad body position, as well as cross-overs and scissor kicks, just to name a few. There are all sorts of training tools available on the market to improve the freestyle stroke, but they are usually designed to work specifically on increasing the propulsion, improving the body position and reducing drag. However, there is no relevant claim in improving the breathing technique itself. This is set to change, as Arena prepares to launch a new patented swimming accessory, that will help boost the confidence of a beginner (by removing the fear of water inhalation), as well as improve the breathing technique of the intermediate swimmer. A major consequence of making it easier to breathe and improve technique, is that people will enjoy their pool session a lot more, therefore swimming better, faster and for a longer distance! Here is a sneak preview of Arena’s revolutionary “freestyle breather”, available soon @